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Unit 1 – Cells, Living Processes and Biodiversity (35%)

Unit 1.1 Cells

Unit 1.2 Photosynthesis and Plants

Unit 1.3 Nutrition and Health

Unit 1.4 Enzymes and Digestion

Unit 1.5 Breathing and the Respiratory System

Unit 1.6 Nervous System and Hormones

Unit 1.7 Ecological Relationships and Energy Flow

Unit 2 – Body Systems, Genetics, Micro-organisms and Health (40%)

Unit 2.1 Osmosis and Plant Transport

Unit 2.2 Circulatory System

Unit 2.3 Reproduction, Fertility and Contraception

Unit 2.4 Genome, Chromosomes, DNA and Genetics

Unit 2.5 Variation and Natural Selection

Unit 2.6 Health, Disease, Defence Mechanisms and Treatments

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